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Sex therapy
  • Difficulties in eroticizing the relationship  

  • Dysfunctions in the sexual relationship

  • Lack of sexual pleasure

  • Loss of sexual desire within the couple

  • Avoidance of intercourse  

  • Stress / Lack of confidence in a sexual or erotic situation

  • Hyposexuality disorders:

   - lack of sexual interest

   - inability to achieve an orgasm

   - absence of pleasure during sexual intercourse

  • Questions about one's sexual orientation

  • Questions about recurring fantasies, poorly accepted or unaffordable within a couple.


Coming from the United States, personal "counseling" does not aim to obtain deep psychological changes but rather to reinforce the person's ability to adapt to a difficult situation or to a personal change that they are struggling with. at  to manage. These interviews allow free speech and help to understand a situation of crisis or upheaval.

To make a difference, counseling responds to a "situational" problem while psychotherapy responds to a "personal" problem.​  This may be :

  • Difficulties within a so-called blended family

  • The discovery of an infidelity within the couple

  • Feeling guilty after being unfaithful

  • Learn that his / her partner is forming virtual relationships on the Internet

  • Couple crisis management

The engagement here is freer and more flexible in terms of the pace of the sessions. The term  "interview" also means that a greater sharing takes place between the therapist and the person. These interviews are by definition intended to be few or spaced out over time.

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In person or online

Individual session

Sexology - Psychotherapy - Counseling

Follow-up consultation

80 €

1st Consultation

100 €

Consultation lasts 50 minutes

Couple's session

Sexology - Psychotherapy - Counseling

Follow-up consultation

120 €

1st Consultation

130 €

Consultation lasts 60 minutes

Cecilia Commo's only providing services that are self pay.

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